Torch Pose

Torch is a male contestant on Inanimations. All he ever does is pick on everyone or even kills them like what he did to Water Balloon once. But apparently WB isn't the only person Torch killed...

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He was going to be eliminated in Episode 2 with around 13 out of around 25 votes [around 52% of all votes], and fell in the bottom 2 with Cucumber [Cucumber recieved 6 votes], but however, Torch won the Final 2 contest with only 7 votes from the contestants on his team, combining into 20. However, Cucumber recieved 14 votes, combining into 20 votes as well. So the prize winner, or Almond Elation, had to choose which one to stay. Snickers, however, rudely interrupted her, and Torch stayed in the game with a 20 to 21 vote, so Cucumber was first kicked out with a total of around 21 votes.


He is extremely mean and rude!

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